What We Make

P E R L I T is something we developed by creating a special formula with perlite. It not only is the world leader in saving energy, but it is also 99.7% organic, which means that it is completely safe for people and eco-friendly. There are three categories that can accurately portray what we make and what we hope to provide.


P E R L I T is the most optimal material in terms of EPD (Environmental Product Declaration). Its effectiveness in thermo-insulation, water / fire proofing, sound insulation and diffusion puts competitors to shame. P E R L I T is completely compatible with aiding in building passivhaus (passive house), and zero-energy buildings. It provides the best insulation and helps maintain temperatures in any climate according to the thickness regulations of the local region.


P E R L I T is light than other products in the same industry by 75%. This allows it to aid is saving costs by over 70% during construction. It is easier to apply and increases the speed of construction. Its energy-saving properties and insulation allow occupants to save on energy by up to 50%. It is not only beneficial for builders, but also beneficial for residents. Its light weight allows it to not degrade overtime, and maintain its efficiency for as long as the building’s lifetime.


One the of the most significant advantages of P E R L I T is that it increases the safety of occupants. It does not emit any carcinogens and constantly breathes and allows fresh air to enter, while keeping unwanted substances such as water to stay outdoors. Even when exposed to fire, it will not emit any smoke and prevent heat from spreading. It is completely inflammable and resistant to earthquakes. Water proof properties of P E R L I T also provide safety during floods. It not only prevents water from entering, but also reflects water, which allows it to maintain its properties even if cracks appear