• Bondstrength: ≥ 1,5 N/nm2 (28 days)

  • Finished product density: 1,75 gr/cm3

  • Period for getting into use: Mean 3 hours

  • Application thickness: At least 1 - 1,5 mm

  • Manner of application: Scraping trowel

  • Packing: 20 kg bag


  • TS En 12004 certified C1T class

  • C:  Cement based

  • 1: Standard hardening

  • T: Extended sliding feature


  • The surface to be applied should be free of anti-sticking agents and firm.

  • Flaws on the application surface should be corrected and gauged with repair mortar.

  • The surface should be moistened before application.

  • The dusty surface behind the ceramic should be moistened and wiped off.


  • 20 kilograms of Izodress decorative plaster should be poured slowly onto 6.5-7 liters of clean water and preferably mixed with a low-speed mixer (lower than 500 rpm) to obtain a homogeneous admixture.

  • After the first admixture, the mortar should be rested for 5-10 minutes and mixed again for 1-2 minutes before application.

  • The mortar should be applied to the surface and the thickness should be adjusted with a toothed steel spud.

  • The tooth size of the spud should be determined according to the size of the ceramic to be laid and the smoothness of the surface on which the application will be made.

  • The tilesshould be glued within 30 minutes on the combed mortar and the air should be taken out with the help of a rubber mallet by using force.